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Nothing lasts forever. Or if you want, it depends on each one by “always”. The best example is this Bucharest accounting firm . Today we are on the wave, but tomorrow, where will we be?

Unfortunately, even a thriving business can gradually lose its market value. The exception is the situation when the owners, “characters” with a decisive role in capitalizing on the enterprise, through their abilities, experience and training, know when to take risks, but also when to make some decisive decisions.

In the absence of these competencies, even in the case of well-listed companies, maintaining and saving value becomes a real problem. And continuing with my own example, we can say that it would not make sense to strive for years to grow our accounting firm if we had not struggled to keep it as such and last but not least to protect it from devaluation.


What are the factors that can devalue SMEs?

A. Ingenuity of founders and their lack of information

A. Ingenuity of founders and their lack of information

When the foundations of a company are founded, the founders and then the associates have the power to act in a fair way. However, voluntarily or involuntarily, along the way, can contribute to the devaluation of society. By looking at other opportunities, when things start to “shuffle,” they can get out of society.

The exit procedure from a company such as LLC is possible if this is stated in the constitutive act, if the rest of the shareholders express their consent or in the situation where there is a court decision.

It is advisable to establish from the very beginning what the withdrawal action implies and what effects it has on the firm and the other associates. It is best to call on a representative to handle all the necessary steps for the operation of the company, from the establishment of companies to the preparation of payment states and tax returns.

B. Insufficient economic and marketing knowledge

B. Insufficient economic and marketing knowledge

Many people, if they decide to open a LLC or another form of organization of the enterprise, place first the enrichment overnight. But the primary goal should not refer to the potential for “rapid” expansion of bank accounts, but rather to cash flow.

The instrument, vital for analyzing financial statements, describes the liquidity and solvency of the firm. If, on the one hand, it provides economic agents with information on results and roles, on the other hand, it contributes to the planning of the list of future activities.

It is true that immediately after launch, current spending can be borne from your own budget. Sometimes they can be covered by different forms of public / private funding. But sooner or later, the holder (s) must find a stable and continuous way to generate profit.

C. Unqualified choice of associates and partners

C. Unqualified choice of associates and partners

The entrepreneur can be seen as a kind of leader, able to exert influence over a larger or more restricted group, made up of employees, collaborators, business partners and associates (as the case may be). Theoretically, this influence has a positive, stimulating impact.

Because the idea behind the business becomes and remains a success, it is essential that each member of the group share the same beliefs. Within the limits of responsibility and possibility, it must contribute to its growth and, if necessary, to sacrifice without hesitation.

But to be able to rely on the group’s help, all members, without exceptions, should be encouraged and rewarded. Something like this happens in the accounting firm on your website. Otherwise, you can not imagine that we could have resisted so long in a market where competition is growing from one year to another.

History is full of examples of companies that have known success precisely because of the compact groups that share the same ideals. But just as full of business is bankrupt, with destiny determined even by the lack of communication.



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A program to promote computing among small and medium-sized businesses in the traditional industry


A program to promote computing among small and medium-sized businesses in the traditional industry, thereby increasing competitiveness.


Who is the fund for?


  • The fund is intended for Israeli corporations from the traditional or traditional mixed industries,
  • Possible form of incorporation: a licensed dealer, a company, a non-profit corporation or a registered partnership.
  • With an annual financial turnover of up to NIS 100 million,
  • Which have been active for the past two years and have audited financial statements for two consecutive years, provided that the last report was approved no more than one year prior to the date of submission of the application.



The level of assistance

A grant in support of financing 50% of the recognized expenses, in respect of a computerization and automation plan up to a total sum of NIS 500 thousand.

Duration of assistance: 24 months.


Expenses recognized as part of the grant

Expenses recognized as part of the grant

  • Acquisition costs Systems are calculated in the production system
  • Purchasing costs Computer systems for control and automation
  • Costs of promoting innovation through computer programming in the management, inventory and supplier systems
  • Costs of promoting innovation in marketing systems
  • Costs of implementing innovative technologies
  • Hardware costs and physical components (up to 30% of total IT plan)


Criteria for grading applications:

Criteria for grading applications:

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EMR Registration Process – medical devices and accessories

EMR Registration Process - medical devices and accessories



The Department of Medical Devices belongs to the Ministry of Health, and is responsible for granting import and sale permits for such equipment in Israel, and it is therefore necessary to register equipment for the launch of medical equipment and accessories in Israel.

Medical equipment is defined as an “instrument, accessory, software, chemical, biological or biotechnological product used in the treatment or required for the operation of a device or accessory used for the treatment and is not intended primarily to act on the human body as a medicinal device.” The Medical Center’s definitions include, among other things, dialysis concentrates, lubricants and gels intended for the operation of medical devices, and many types of washing solutions, alcohol-soaked dressing materials, etc.

The EMR registration process at the Ministry of Health includes:

  • Letter of registration from the Medical Center, previous medical certificate
  • Regulatory approvals such as FDA, CE, Declaration of Conformity
  • Import documents
  • Business License
  • Importer declaration
  • Company incorporation certificate
  • Quality Management System ISO 9001 or GMP of Importer



Manufacturer’s Documents:


  • Manufacturer Statement
  • ISO13485 or GMP quality management system of production sites
  • World sales

Technical Documents :


  • Technical data
  • Risk Management
  • Product safety
  • Clinical data
  • (EDQM) The European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines & HealthCare
  • Chemical analysis and more
  • Catalogs
  • The labels
  • tags
  • User manual
  • recommendation letters
  • Opinion

Topics to fill in the form:


  • A general description of the device based on some of its characteristics (whether it is electric, implanted in the body, emits radiation, contains any medicine, whether it contains animal material, etc.)
  • Details on the sterility and degree of sterilization of the device and the need for sterilization processes when using it
  • Details about its operation, service and maintenance
  • Certificates for an accessory or device from health authorities are recognized worldwide
  • Details of product sales in Israel and worldwide
  • Details on inclusion of the product in the health basket in Israel or in other countries

It should be noted that at the time of initial submission for the purpose of registration of the Medical Center, there is no need to attach samples of the product, unless necessary.

On the face of it, the initial application process is simple, but the procedures are very strict, submitting forms with incomplete details or submitting an incorrect form may delay the process for a long period of time. Due to the large number of procedures, there is a need to familiarize ourselves with the regulatory processes and procedures of the Ministry of Health in order to effectively complete registration. Therefore, our recommendation is to carry out the procedure with close professional assistance.

The Ministry of Health has various types of AMR registrations, among them:


  • Annual approval according to a free import order. A certificate that must be requested and received each year for the purpose of continuing the importation of a medical product or accessory.
  • CFS – certificate of free sale. Confirmation that the product is freely sold in the country of origin. The certificate is required for anyone who produces in Israel and intends to market its products abroad.
  • One-time approval (import). Designed to synchronize the registration process with customs authorities. Applications must be submitted with the appropriate documents according to the instructions of the Ministry of Health and Customs.


Our services include:


  • Collecting, arranging and processing the materials according to the requirements of the medical officer, preparing the file, filing the file.
  • Registration / renewal of medical equipment, annual import approval, one-time import approval, preparation for ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 tests
  • Meetings at the Ministry of Health and close accompaniment.
  • A long-standing acquaintance with the Medical Unit in the Ministry of Health
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A business plan is one of the first steps in making an idea for a business


A business plan is used by entrepreneurs and companies to conduct a thorough and orderly analysis of the business, for the purpose of raising capital and cooperation, examining the feasibility of setting up and planning a business strategy for the new product or service. By way of writing the business plan, the entrepreneur sharpens his business or technological idea, the construction of the idea and his exit into the market.
The business plan helps assess whether there is a market for the product / business idea, whether the market is large enough, and if so, how to reach this market.
A correct and thorough analysis of these fundamentals will significantly increase the chances of bringing the business idea to success!

The uniqueness of SPARK is expressed in several subjects:

The uniqueness of SPARK is expressed in several subjects:

  • The process of writing the business plan and analyzing the project is the main task and of utmost importance. The business plan must be highly professional and should be used by the entrepreneurs as a plan of action for the successful establishment of the enterprise (strategic, business and technological).
    Our works have won prizes and competitions in Israel and around the world:
    QUALCOMM, SeedCamp, DFJ & Cisco Global Business Plan Competition, BizTec – Israeli entrepreneur contest, Technion Club entrepreneur contest.


  • Presenting the project in a marketing and attractive way to investors. A business plan is actually a marketing tool for an investment venture. That’s why we combine our team’s marketing expertise with building and presenting the venture in the business plan.


  • Save money for the entrepreneur in building the business plan and in the establishment of the project itself. We consider it very important that early entrepreneurs invest their money wisely and only on things that are essential to the success of the venture. Any expenditure in the initial stages of the project is critical to the success of the venture, and the waste of the few funds that the venture has at its inception (even if it receives an initial investment from an investor) can bring down the project.

How is the savings done?
A. Integrated construction of the business plan (extract and / or control) by the consultant and entrepreneurs together. We complete only what you really need – the materials he needs and can not analyze / examine himself. See our article on the subject. The SPARK team is also composed of lawyers, accountants and other professionals. Our knowledge in the additional fields enables us to direct you and advise you on how to save on the costs of consultants so that you will not “fall into the trap” and pay dearly.


In SPARK the work process does not end with the writing of the business plan, but it is important for us to continue to follow and help the company in its development until it reaches success! In SPARK, we continue to meet with the company / entrepreneurs once a month, in order to monitor the implementation of the business plan, link the company / entrepreneurs to relevant market factors (investors, companies for cooperation and other factors), review the company’s progress and changes in the market.


Related Products

Related Products

Presentation of Investors – In presenting the project / business to an investor, bank, chief scientist, business partner or any other entity, it is customary to use a short presentation that presents in a concise and convincing manner the main points of the business plan.

The presentation must be practical and professional since it is also part of the initial impression created by the entrepreneur at the investor. In addition, the presentation is a significant tool for the entrepreneur in presenting his / her business, so it must convey the message clearly, be properly constructed, emphasizing the right parts and suitable for the target audience.

SPARK can be viewed in PowerPoint or Perzi format.

One Pager – Investors receive and see lots of ventures and ideas every year, and they do not always have time to delve into starting a full business plan about the enterprise / business. Therefore, it is sometimes more appropriate to prepare a one-page document for the project, which summarizes most of the business plan’s chapters and conveys the main points of the idea – the need, the product, the market, the strategy and the essence of the financial forecast.

The One Pager is very effective for the first stage in which investors need to be interested in order to reach further dialogue and depth in the venture. The document should be brief and concise, which does not tire the reader and intrigue the reader to hear more.

Accompanying the project to achieve investment – When an investor / financial entity checks whether to invest / finance any venture, the first thing that he examines is the entrepreneur himself! – Is it able to lead the company to success. Therefore, we at SPANK believe that in order to achieve investment or financing for the venture, it is not enough to formulate an excellent business plan, but it is necessary to accompany the entrepreneur and prepare it for talks with potential investors and other financing entities.

Among other things, the entrepreneur should familiarize himself with the common questions of investors and other financiers (banks, VCs, angels, scientist, etc.) when presenting the project to them, and prepare the answer in advance. Every funding factor has its own emphasis and it is important that every entrepreneur be prepared to successfully deal with each of them.

In addition, the entrepreneur must understand in depth the business and financial language and the meaning of each term, in order to get the ability to deal and lead the discussion in the meeting with these funding factors.

Chapters of the business plan

Chapters of the business plan

1. The Need

• The problem or shortage that exists in the market
• Scope and size of the problem / need (is it worth setting up an enterprise / business for it)

2. Market chapter

• Review the relevant markets of the product / enterprise
• The financial cycles of the markets
• Growth rates

3. Product / service and technology chapter

• Vision of the enterprise / company
• Presenting the product / service with all its capabilities meets the “need”
• Product / service benefits
• Patents and copyrights

Chapter competitors

• Presenting current / potential competitors
• Description of the relative advantage of the enterprise service / product
• comparison table

5. The strategy of penetration into the market

• Formulation of short and long term strategic objectives
• Market penetration strategy
• Formulating principles for a marketing plan – promotion, advertising, distribution channels, etc.
• Business Model
• Product pricing.

6. Presentation of the management team and the entrepreneurs

• Presenting the technological and managerial capabilities of managers and entrepreneurs
• A brief description of each manager and his role in the company

7. Development plan

• Presentation of the development plan
• Gantt chart for each stage and stage of development

8. Financial forecast

• Presenting the project’s cash flow for the next five years
• Breakdown of flow assumptions – sales, costs, investments, etc.
• Examination of profitability, gross, operating, EBITDA indices
• Examining operational metrics – “free active users”, “visitors”, “paying users” conversion rate, etc.
• Examining the required balance and investment points
• Examining funding options
• Examining the return on investment period (NPV)

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The Shalav program is designed for those with low export volumes who wish to expand their activity or have not exported in the past and are interested in exporting and marketing products and / or services and penetrating the international markets. See of critique.

Who is the program for?


The program is intended for Israeli companies interested in expanding marketing activities in the target market outside the State of Israel, whether it is marketing a new product, a new target market or a new marketing plan designed to increase the company’s exports. The Company requests the assistance to meet the following conditions:

  1. Annual export volume of up to $ 250,000 only in the calendar years preceding the date of submission of the request for assistance.
  2. Meet one of the following conditions:
  • A turnover that does not fall below NIS 500,000 and does not exceed NIS 50,000,000 in the calendar years preceding the submission of the application.
  • An annual sales turnover of less than NIS 500,000 in the last two calendar years, and a capital raising of NIS 2,000,000 in the three calendar years preceding the date of the request.  

The level of assistance

 The level of assistance

Participation in the financing of marketing expenses, as specified above, in an amount of up to 50% of the total expenses, and in a total amount of up to NIS 200 thousand spread over two years.

Expenses recognized as part of the assistance


  • Marketing Plan – can be reimbursed for expenses performed up to 6 months before the date of filing the application.
  • Development of marketing systems and distribution channels – including: local consultants in the target market, business development manager (an employee in Israel who was employed 6 months prior to the start of the program), hiring consulting services in Israel to assist the business in implementing the action plan.
  • Specialization in the target market – market research on the target market, business information.
  • Internet advertising and marketing including: foreign catalogs, packaging design for export, professional press advertising, production of advertising films, setting examples of practical experience with the product, setting up a website aimed at the target market, setting up an internet marketing system including: webinar, , Developing marketing content, promoting social networks, and so forth.
  • Exhibitions and demonstrations in the target market .
  • Flights .
  • Legal advice, standardization and insurance .

A business that receives this assistance will be accompanied by an advisor to accompany the Ministry of Economy’s supervision and supervision, at least once a month and up to 2 hours of monthly work, in order to examine the progress of the business in the action plan.

Refund of assistance

 Refund of assistance

A business whose export volume increased by US $ 250,000 will be required to pay royalties of 3% per annum until the full amount of the financing received for the activity in the target market has been returned, in which there was an increase in such exports, linked to the Consumer Price Index.


The manner in which the grant is received is conducted according to each previous winner. Hurry up and serve!

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 We are writing in this article about the items that a business plan should contain.

 We are writing in this article about the items that a business plan should contain.

As a brief review I will mention: an introduction, details about the business or the person who wants to start the business, details about the business, a starting point in the project, a marketing plan area, details about the market, services and products, management, and necessarily financial details. an elucidation on

I want to stop today a bit on the description of the business that we present in that business plan.
We have selected some key questions that those who want to make a plan can respond and will have key elements to help clarify the plan and understand the role of the plan and the business in essence.

  • What kind of business do you want to enter? What is your role in it?

Most companies have a brief description of their activity, their mission. Often in 30 words, they can explain why they exist on the market and what guiding principles they use. You can start doing this too, and add this short description to your plan.

  • What are the short / medium goals / objectives?

The above description should be followed by the presentation of business objectives and thresholds. The goal is, we can tell him so, the destination where you want to get where you want to get your business. Thresholds are stages you go through to reach your goal. For example, an objective may be to become a healthy and successful business to be a leader in customer service. In this case, thresholds can be annual sales targets and certain indicators that measure customer satisfaction.

  • What is important for you in this business?

Whether you are focusing on customer satisfaction or organic growth, or perhaps in a first phase just to make your business as visible as possible, these issues go into your business plan.

  • To whom are your products / services addressed?

Try to answer these questions in more detail. Describe the market segment on which you will be active. Does it have a rhythm of growth? What changes do you anticipate to happen on the market for a short period of time, but over a long period of time? What will you do to take advantage of them?

  • Who is really the competition?

They analyze the competition and describe their strengths and basic skills. What are the factors that make these companies succeed? What do you think are your main trumps in relation to the competition? Do you have experience in this field, certain adaptability abilities, are you strong enough to resist this adventure?

  • Who’s gonna do?

Start with this business: alone, with other partners, associated with a corporation, etc? Why did you choose this form?

By answering these questions, the description of your business makes sense and can be easily understood by those who will be your future clients / partners / suppliers.

Article signed by Iulian Serban , founder of Think Business , a project of STEPS Business Consulting , a company created to offer complete service packages: consulting, career development, training, events. Think Business has emerged from the real need to be a link between the one who develops or develops a business and the resources, people and services that are needed to reach the maximum potential.



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Small Business Start Up Loan Fri, 18 Jan 2019 15:24:02 +0000

Starting a new business is not an easy task. But there are few people who decide to face this challenge. Creating one’s own business, whether small or not, requires dedication and dedication, tireless work, and coping with bureaucratic requirements. But each novice entrepreneur is aware that without initial capital it is impossible to build a business. The lack of such start-up capital is no longer an obstacle to starting a business as banks and other credit institutions offer a lucrative credit for starting a small business. See for the scoop

How good is one credit for starting a small business?

How good is one credit for starting a small business?

Thanks to this loan you will receive start up capital for all your urgent costs from the very start. However, such a loan requires collateral in the form of movable or immovable property.

Many banks provide such credit to us. However, when you withdraw a small business start-up loan from banks, you will have to go through a series of bureaucratic checks that slow the process of lending. These are usually long-term loans with a free repayment of the principal, with interest being charged only on the absorbed funds, the amount of which varies according to the amount of cash transactions made each month.

If you need urgent money to start your own business , you can also turn to online lenders who also offer such loans. With them, the application process is much simpler and quicker, so you’ll have the money you need at the end of approval. But usually the conditions for online credit are not as advantageous as in banks – return times are shorter and interest rates higher.

That is why you need to ask yourself how urgent you need money to be. This will help you estimate the situation and choose the lender to download this loan. An emergence of a new business is the purchase of raw materials for the production or wage redemption of workers. In any case, before you withdraw this credit, make sure that your money is multiplied so much that it will allow you to repay your interest-rate loan and still make a profit. In this case, it will be advantageous for you to download a small business startup credit.

What amount to download?

What amount to download?

Small business is not needed to start a small business. You can invest a certain amount of money and wait for you to start earning your current production before investing more money. So, when making a credit, calculate the absolute minimum that you need for a start. Do not risk with a bigger amount so you do not get into a difficult financial situation right from the start of the company.

To determine the exact amount of this small business start-up loan, make a list of all the resources you already have. These can be savings, people, skills you can put into the idea. All of these things can reduce the total amount you plan to download.

What do you need to know before downloading a small business startup loan?

What do you need to know before downloading a small business startup loan?

Before you take this step, you have to answer the following important question: “Do you really need this loan, or do you rather need it to satisfy any ambition or desire that is not so urgent at this stage?”

Before you download this credit for starting a small business and sign the contract, be sure to familiarize yourself with all the clauses on it, which may include hidden fees and other unpleasant details for you. Make sure you understand the value of the penalty fees in case you are late in paying the money. Ask with whom person from the selected financial institution you can contact in case of questions, problems or complaints and whether there is a person who could protect your rights.

When choosing a financial institution from which to withdraw the loan, explore several options and their offers and suggestions . The right choice will save you a lot of problems later on. You should know that lower interest does not mean that your credit is cheaper, so look carefully at credit terms.

What other funding opportunities do you have?

What other funding opportunities do you have?

If at this stage the withdrawal of a small business startup seems too risky, you can take advantage of any of the other available funding methods. Yeah, they’re like that:

  • Financing with the help of external investors

You can find an external investor ready to invest in your business. He shares with the business owner all the financial risks, so in the event of bankruptcy you will not be obliged to return the funds invested by him. However, against the amount invested, the investor receives a share of the firm. This means that part of the profit will go for him and he will actively participate in the management. If the amount invested by the investor exceeds 50% of the total business financing, there is a real risk that the owner of the company will become an employee of the investor.

  • Receiving financial grants for programs

Such programs are designed to motivate young entrepreneurs and fund them, and they are free of charge. Such subsidies, however, are very difficult to get – after a bunch of bureaucratic demands with cumbersome procedures and a lot of waiting. If you do not have the experience of completing this kind of documents, you have to pay to a financial consultant without being able to guarantee that you will win the subsidy. In return for the subsidies received, the business owner is required to provide financial statements on a regular basis on how to use the money provided in the different directions.

  • Micro credit withdrawal

Unlike the normal small business start-up loan, micro credit is targeted at individuals and covers the needs of the household. The application documentation for this application is minimized and the procedure for granting it is very simple. This kind of funding supports the launch of small businesses and the cost of micro credit is more beneficial.


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Start Up Business Financing: By Payday Loans Tue, 15 Jan 2019 18:22:37 +0000


If you are wondering what the financing opportunities for a start-up business in Bulgaria are, the answer is that they are not small. There are different options – European programs for start-up business financing, grants, European funding of unemployed projects, low-interest loans and preferential conditions for starting a business and creating a new company, etc.

Starting a business is starting something new, different. To start a business is necessary organization, energy, struggle, many skills and efforts. When starting a new business, there is no previous experience, no history, but there are goals, strategies that need to be realized.

We will look at different financing opportunities for a start-up business in Bulgaria – both grants and European funding under programs, as well as financing with business loans from banks and non-bank institutions.

European programs for start-up business financing

European programs for start-up business financing

  • Program by measure Measure 6.4 – Investment support for non-agricultural activities – includes financing of various non-agricultural activities such as tourism, manufacturing, crafts and services in all sectors of the economy. Maximum cost – up to € 75,000 per project
  • “Promotion of Entrepreneurship” under the European Operational Program “Innovation and Competitiveness” – includes the establishment of new enterprises in priority sectors of the National Strategy for Promotion of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises 2014-2020. The maximum amount of aid – up to 200 000 BGN.
  • The process for implementing innovations from OPIC – aims to support the Bulgarian enterprises in introducing innovation and new products. Maximum grant amount of a start-up business per project: BGN 1,500,000
  • Measure 4.2 Investments in processing / marketing of agricultural products (RDP) – you can finance both existing enterprises that process agricultural products and those that are now in business.
    Under this program, only agricultural producers can apply. If you are an individual entrepreneur, the maximum cost is 2000000 euros.

Top Loans for Financing a Startup Business

Top Loans for Financing a Startup Business

1. UniCredit Bulbank

  • Financing a start-up business if it requires investment and working capital.
  • Fast credit mortgage for real estate.
  • Currency: BGN or EUR, maximum amount – up to 50% of the market value of the property.
  • Term of repayment up to 10 years.
  • Property insurance of the collateral is required in favor of the bank. Package programs, payment protection and other preferences.

2. Bulgarian Development Bank

  • Start-up Business Loan – supporting funding for start-up projects for newly created micro and small companies, craftsmen, farmers and self-employed.
  • Maximum amount up to € 50,000, repayment term up to 5 years.
  • Fixed interest for the whole period.
  • A 10% deductible.
  • Grace period up to 1 year.

3. Microfund

  • Financing a start-up business with a lucrative corporate loan at low interest rates, for realizing and financing a business idea , competent counseling to achieve the most efficiency, individual decisions.
  • Currency – euro, up to 10,000.
  • Collateral – Guarantee.
  • Fixed interest for the entire loan period.
  • Repayment term up to 120 months.
  • Way of repayment: equal monthly fixed contributions, which include principal and interest.

4. Fintrade

  • Financing a start-up business with an investment loan “Fintrade Invest” for acquiring tangible and intangible fixed assets to start the business.
  • Large and small corporate loans of size – from BGN 1 000 to 100 000.
  • Up to BGN 5 000 – Company loans without collateral , repayment term from 6 to 24 months, from 5 000 to 100 000 BGN with collateral / mortgage / repayment term from 6 months to 5 years.
  • Approval of the amount you want – up to 30 minutes.
  • Individual service and advice from a personal financial advisor.
  • Fixed equal installments with decreasing interest.
  • Free evaluation of collateral.
  • Possibility to secure ownership of a third party.

5. Sys Credit

  • Financing a start-up business – a quick and adequate solution to carry out your new project.
  • Size: from 1 000 to 15 000 leva.
  • Duration from 1 month to 36 months.
  • Possibility for a grace period on the principal – up to 6 months.
  • No credit fees.
  • Collateral required. Only with a guarantor if there is a self-participation.
  • The specific interest rate is determined according to the applicant’s interest profile.
  • Low-interest start-up lending to young people up to 29 years of age who are not in education or training and have been unemployed for more than 5 months. Sums from BGN 5 000 to BGN 48 895, up to 60 months for corporate loans for working capital and up to 120 months for investment projects. Ability to: up to 2 years grace period for principal payment. No application and credit management fees.

6. Trust Trust

  • Financing a start-up business against providing collateral – all types of property, movable property, receivables, business units, financial assets are accepted. If you have no history and turnover.
  • Flexible, custom-tailored conditions.
  • Regardless of your credit history, if you have been denied bank lending, if you have obligations to the NRA or enforcement proceedings.
  • An amount of BGN 10,000 to BGN 1 million, a repayment term of up to 5 years.
  • Advance approval immediately, up to 2 days after providing the required documents, you will receive the money within 3 days of signing the contract.
  • 24-hour service and expert advice on the start-up business.
  • No fees. The examination of the credit application, the assessment, the utilization of the funds is free of charge.
  • Ways of repayment: equal monthly installments for the entire period of the loan, repayment of the interest each month, and at the end of the period the principal is returned at once, repay the interest each month and the principal repayment with the last few installments.

7. Prospectus Capital

  • Financing of a new, start-up business without history, development of new sites, purchase of property, machines, equipment, software, working capital, etc.
  • Loan amount: from BGN 50,000 to BGN 1 million.
  • Credit term up to 12 months.
  • Collateral: mortgage.
  • If you have been denied bank lending, you have obligations to the NRA, a bad credit history.
  • Online application, quick approval, express delivery. Individual working solutions, encouraging entrepreneurship, free consultation.



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