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 We are writing in this article about the items that a business plan should contain.

 We are writing in this article about the items that a business plan should contain.

As a brief review I will mention: an introduction, details about the business or the person who wants to start the business, details about the business, a starting point in the project, a marketing plan area, details about the market, services and products, management, and necessarily financial details. an elucidation on

I want to stop today a bit on the description of the business that we present in that business plan.
We have selected some key questions that those who want to make a plan can respond and will have key elements to help clarify the plan and understand the role of the plan and the business in essence.

  • What kind of business do you want to enter? What is your role in it?

Most companies have a brief description of their activity, their mission. Often in 30 words, they can explain why they exist on the market and what guiding principles they use. You can start doing this too, and add this short description to your plan.

  • What are the short / medium goals / objectives?

The above description should be followed by the presentation of business objectives and thresholds. The goal is, we can tell him so, the destination where you want to get where you want to get your business. Thresholds are stages you go through to reach your goal. For example, an objective may be to become a healthy and successful business to be a leader in customer service. In this case, thresholds can be annual sales targets and certain indicators that measure customer satisfaction.

  • What is important for you in this business?

Whether you are focusing on customer satisfaction or organic growth, or perhaps in a first phase just to make your business as visible as possible, these issues go into your business plan.

  • To whom are your products / services addressed?

Try to answer these questions in more detail. Describe the market segment on which you will be active. Does it have a rhythm of growth? What changes do you anticipate to happen on the market for a short period of time, but over a long period of time? What will you do to take advantage of them?

  • Who is really the competition?

They analyze the competition and describe their strengths and basic skills. What are the factors that make these companies succeed? What do you think are your main trumps in relation to the competition? Do you have experience in this field, certain adaptability abilities, are you strong enough to resist this adventure?

  • Who’s gonna do?

Start with this business: alone, with other partners, associated with a corporation, etc? Why did you choose this form?

By answering these questions, the description of your business makes sense and can be easily understood by those who will be your future clients / partners / suppliers.

Article signed by Iulian Serban , founder of Think Business , a project of STEPS Business Consulting , a company created to offer complete service packages: consulting, career development, training, events. Think Business has emerged from the real need to be a link between the one who develops or develops a business and the resources, people and services that are needed to reach the maximum potential.



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